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RS 5000 is a Multipurpose Amphibious Harvester is ideal for the removal of light, low, floating algae. It can work up to 1,5 meters in depth. The device can move on solid ground and has the ability to carry the collected material on board. The Aquatic Weed Harvester RS 5000 and its accessories ensure a good result efficiently and reliably.

Thanks to small draught of the machine, working area is the widest possible. The small draught also means that the vegetation mass which has been cut can be carried straight to the shore or to the shore conveyor. RS 5000 weed harvester is easy to use and therefore suits also for independent entrepreneurs, which makes them ideal for one-man businesses.

Modern manufacturing methods and a carefully designed high quality product guarantee operation in even the most demanding operating environments. Customized training is provided for both users and maintenance staff as part of the delivery.

RS Planering Ltd is also able to take into account the customer special needs concerning machines for water restoration work.


The RS 5000 aquatic weed harvester has two rubber tracks which can be stepless adjusted. Both tracks have their own hydraulic circuits, changes in course and steering are exact. The machine can also turn around in place. Also the RS5000 use hydraulic operated weed protected propeller.

The RS-5000 has on the bottom of the machine 2 pcs hydraulic driven rubber tracks which allow the machine to move on solid ground and on shallow parts of the reservoirs and irrigation channels. Speed 0 … 100 m / min


The cutting width is 1.9 m with one horizontal cutter and two vertical double cutters. The cutter pieces can easily be replaced individually. In the event of bottom contact, there is a safety shield under the horizontal cutter and belt. The whole of the front conveyor is also protected against collisions. The cutter also have mechanism that protect against overload.


In addition to the safety guard rail, the aquatic weed harvester has a rain/sun shelter to protect the driver. An aluminum cabin permitting good visibility over the aquatic weed harvester’s whole working area is optional equipment. An ergonomic seat and the conveniently placed steering devices guarantee driver comfort. The machine’s electrical apparatus is protected against moisture and is corrosion free. The guard rail and the cabin can be tilted down to achieve the generally accepted driving height. Efficient working lights also allow the weed harvester to work in the dark.


Cutting and removing water vegetation and reed

Collect heavy Light oil from water (Light fuel oil is collected from water with cooperation of oil absorbents and harvester)

Collect and remove floating waste material from water surface (for example cleaning of beaches and harbour areas)


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Technically accepted in all European Union countries with the sign CE

Accepted to be used in water traffic by the Finnish National Board of Navigation

Checked and accepted by the labor protection authorities

Accepted Trim and Stability tests by the Finnish Maritime Administration

Components are well-known quality products which have been developed specially to be used in waterways.


We offer planned maintenance to keep your Weed Harvesters in optimal condition and have a variety of Service Agreements available to suit your needs. From full service programs designed to increase the longevity of your equipment and decrease costly downtime to emergency service calls available when you need assistance most, we strive to keep your equipment running efficiently.

The Harvester RS 5000 model is protected. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the specifications without prior notice.


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