Ship repairs/services

We have been doing block, pipe, duct and hydraulics work since 1978.

Our customers include global operators such as Star Cruises, JS Ferryway Ltd, ESL Shipping Ltd, Lamor and Descon Engineering Limited.

Ship repair and alteration

RS-Planering performs construction work and repairs on ships during docking.
For example, we manufacture and install steel and aluminium structures, railings, ventilation ducts, hatches and ramps.

Watertight hatches/ramps

We design and manufacture a variety of watertight hatches and ramps by contract for anything from yachts to cruise ships.

Railings and stairs

We have implemented numerous different railing and stairway solutions for ships of all sizes.

Whether you need simple or complex railings or stairs, we will deliver reliably and on schedule.

Steel structures

We make all types of steel structures according to the customer’s specifications, or we can design and manufacture the products from start to finish.

We can manufacture objects of up to 1>50 x 12 x 5 metres in a single piece.

Our machine shop features separate production areas for aluminium and stainless steel.

Work boats

We work for the stone, ship, airfield, railway and road transport industries, among others.

Our services include annual maintenance, welding, machining, turning, metalwork, mechanical maintenance, industrial pipe systems and our popular maintenance man service.