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Aquatic vegetation problems are usually caused by human activity that has changed the balance of the environment. Eutrophication and overgrowth disrupt the water cycle. Vegetation also has a detrimental effect on water quality and, thereby, on human health. Both floods and falling water levels are frequently caused by vegetation. Aquatic vegetation is often cleared to improve the safety of water-borne traffic. Excessive vegetation hinders professional fishing and limits the recreational use of bodies of water. Weed harvesting can also be a conservation measure required to safeguard the survival of bird and fish species in their natural habitats. In inhabited areas, the appearance of the environment is also a consideration.

The RS-series weed harvesters eliminates or controls problems caused by aquatic vegetation. The machine is suitable for all types of vegetation. RS-series weed harvesters and their accessories can be delivered as efficient packages that guarantee effective and economical work in depths up to 2.0 meters.

The design of the RS 2000 and RS 5000’s front conveyors are optimal for harvesting light, floating algae. It also has enough capacity for harvesting and transporting dense and heavy masses of vegetation. Thanks to its shallow draught, the weed harvester can also reach vegetation growing in shallow waters and deliver the harvested vegetation directly to shore or a shore conveyor.

Thanks to small draught of the machine, working area is the widest possible. The small draught also means that the vegetation mass which has been cut can be carried straight to the shore or to the shore conveyor. RS-series weed harvester is easy to use and therefore suits also for independent entrepreneurs, which makes them ideal for one-man businesses.

RS 2000

The design of the RS 2000 is optimal for harvesting and transporting dense and heavy masses of vegetation. IT can work up to 2,0 meters in depth. Thanks to its wide working area the vegetation mass which has been cut can be carried straight to the shore or to the shore conveyor.

RS 5000

RS 5000 is a Multipurpose Amphibious Harvester can work up to 1,5 meters in depth. the Weed Harvester RS 5000’s front conveyors is ideal for the removal of light, low, floating algae. The device can move on solid ground and has the ability to carry the collected material on board.

The RS series harvesters, weed cutters and accessories can be supplemented, if necessary, to form a series of machines which ensures effective and economical work, even at a depth of 2.0 meters. Different flora and growing habits do not limit the machine’s operation.


Cutting and removing water vegetation and reed

Collect heavy Light oil from water (Light fuel oil is collected from water with cooperation of oil absorbents and harvester)

Collect and remove floating waste material from water surface (for example cleaning of beaches and harbour areas)


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Technically accepted in all European Union countries with the sign CE

Accepted to be used in water traffic by the Finnish National Board of Navigation

Checked and accepted by the labor protection authorities

Accepted Trim and Stability tests by the Finnish Maritime Administration

Components are well-known quality products which have been developed specially to be used in waterways.


We offer planned maintenance to keep your Weed Harvesters in optimal condition and have a variety of Service Agreements available to suit your needs. From full service programs designed to increase the longevity of your equipment and decrease costly downtime to emergency service calls available when you need assistance most, we strive to keep your equipment running efficiently.


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